The video that changed my life

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Exactly two years ago is when I consider creatively the best time from my subscriptions.

Amazing videos were being produced each week by channels like Pun Diddley, The EntrePUNeur, Adler Davidson, Blimey Cow and others. Also there is one other channel that was in this creator high that really made an impact on me, Bad Missionary.
My friend Gret Glyer who at time lived in Malawi,  Africa ran a weekly show where he talked about topics about America and hearing his perspective of things from living in Africa.
I first found him through Kevin McCreary when he published “What it’s actually like to live in Africa” video.

Gret typically isn’t a vlogger but he tried something different then regular setup for once.
The video is mainly him vlogging about his day and his activities.
When I first saw this I realized Hey, he’s vlogging in Africa about his life and experiences and I thought it was so cool and I said, that’s what I wanted to do!

At that time I had done a little bit of vlogging just really getting started. It wasn’t until last May when I had a dream about vlogging in the Middle East that really gave me the boost in making vlogs.
Two years later I have greatly improved thanks to people like Casey Neistat, Chris Howard and TwinSauce  (who funny enough watched Gret’s videos at the same time I did.)
Vlogging is my passion and I want to get better at it. My dream would be overseas full-time as a vlogger and I’m certainly talking steps to make that happen.

Since then Gret started a fascinating app called “DonorSee.” It’s a charitable giving app but your money goes right to person in need instead of going through another party.

Big news! I will be going to Vidcon! I’m hoping to learn more about vlogging, make connections and see friends. It’s gonna be awesome!

As I like to say, Live Long and Prosper and May the Lord be with you always!

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5 Things Hillside Missions taught me

Hello and welcome to Captain’s blog!

Hillside Missions is an organization that trains people for long-term mission work. They run a training program of which I was a participant. As I look back at my time there I realized these five things helped shaped my life

1. Public speaking.

I am not the person to speak in front of people  (and still kind of not). But being here helped to gain confidence to speak at gatherings. This is especially relevant when speaking to youth groups about our program and why missions is important to me.

2. Living publicly.

This one may come as a surprise but it’s very much true. When I started Hillside, I wasn’t all that big having my real name vastly public to the World Wide Web. But my director wanted the interns to live publicly so others could be part of this journey of the internship. Today I take that to YouTube where I vlog and make more of my life public so others could have a taste of my experiences. And through YouTube I have met so many awesome people.

3. The importance of community.

Hillside is a community of Love. Love for our neighbors, love for our city, and love for the world. A community whose main focus is on God and sharing the gospel to the places unreached. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people who have one common goal.

4. Conflict resolving.

Our director Kristopher Keating, taught us the best way to deal with conflicts is to approach the person and deal with it one on one. This is the most effective and has worked countless times.

5. The importance of missions.
Before I came to this program is had no clue 43% of the world had no access to a church. Folks that number is staggering! I feel like if a vast majority of western Christians knew about that number,  they would be much less hesitant about missions. To be part of an organization that is making a difference in these areas is such a blessing! The harvest is plenty but the workers are few and God needs you!

As I like to say, live long and prosper and may the Lord be with you always!


Hello and welcome to the blog.

As I currently listen to Jordan’s Taylor’s album for the for time, there is a song that speaks relatively to my feelings.

The song is called “home” and for the past few days I’ve been extremely homesick.

You see back in July, I left hillside due to my own financial reasons. It’s was extremely difficult to leave a wonderful community.  Since then I’ve worked a full time job doing irrigation work. I haven’t hated it, but I know this is not what my long-term plan is.
God has used me at my job to keep the company going till the end of the season which is approaching very soon.

I sincerely miss my folks in Richmond especially very recently. I know my future is in missions and i haven’t lost sight of that goal. My main focus should be to trust in God because he makes all things beautiful in his time. At this moment,  I have never felt more strongly for missions since I got involved with Hillside. Ever since I had a dream I was in the Middle East, I’ve been very passionate about the people there.

I want to get back to Richmond as soon as I can so I can fulfill my goal which is long-term missions. I love the people and the city so much and I can’t wait return to the office.

As I liked to say before live long and prosper and may the force be with you.
Now we are changing it to
Live long and prosper and may the Lord be with you always!

The office fall 2014.

The Dream

Hello and welcome to the blog!

Folks I had a dream a few nights ago that really impacted me. I had a dream I was in the Middle East.

I have done mission work for about 2 years and never have I ever had anything like this. In the dream I was in the Middle East and it had people from my office mention something about an art galley. I could feel the culture shock within my dream. Also the team leader there was in a part of it and I was vlogging my time there.

So that does this mean I should pack my bags and be ready to move out?

Well, I think there is a bit more to this. Ever since I got started, I’ve sort of been “hard headed” toward the fact of being in the Middle East . I’ve seen all the work the team does and hear about the ministry needs like a refugee project . I felt like everybody went to the Middle East and I wanted go someplace that didn’t seem like everybody went to. I woke up from my dream and that mentality was gone!

This dream kind of reminds me of when I met my Youtuber friend, Chris Howard. The 15 minutes we were together felt like a dream (but I know it wasn’t because Chris broke a car vent cover in my car).

Also I been thinking  if I do go overseas, I want to vlog my entire trip, thus the vlogging part would make sense.

Going back to the art galleries. We want to start a gallery in one of the countries in the Middle East in the next few years.

Since I’ve been doing missions work I’ve never really had the clichéd term of “calling.”I thought of missions more of an opportunity God has given me. Thus I feel like this is God’s clarification of I need to stay focused on missions and reaching the nations.

In conclusion, Yes, I want to go to the Middle East now. When will happen, I don’t know at this point, but It’s something I would like to make happen in the future.

As I like to say, Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall always!

25 Even more things you probably didn’t know about me

Hello and Welcome!

Folks, there is a part three! So here we go!

(These are not exactly in order)

  1. My favorite fast food joint is Cook Out
  2. The only time I have ever been in the White House was when my mom was pregnant with me
  3. The only real concert I have fully attended was one for Weird Al last year
  4. I LOVE BBQ sauce
  5. I did taekwondo for a few years and actually made it up to red belt
  6. I cannot stand Justin Bieber
  7. I enjoy music mash-ups
  8. My favorite TV show theme song is the “A-Team theme”
  9. I tend to be a night owl
  10. I enjoy cheesey 90s worship music
  11. My favorite living president is Jimmy Carter
  12. My favorite president of all time is George Washington
  13. I am excellent with directions
  14. I love hats
  15. I prefer Chevys over Fords
  16. I memorized all the State Capitals when I was 7 years old (Thanks Leapfrog)
  17. I have won 3 three homeschool Geography Bees
  18. I enjoy documentary films
  19. I am a big fan of Ernest P. Worrel Movies and commercials
  20. I say the word “yall” quite frequently
  21. I’ve been a monster truck fan for 11 years
  22. I tend to like cats more than dogs
  23. My favorite cartoons are Tom and Jerry and Wile E. Coyote  & the Road Runner
  24. I enjoy Celtic music
  25. I have never been to Boston in the fall

Folks, I have a fourth one coming! Yes, You will learn a total of hundred things about me!

25 Things (Part 1)

25 More Things (Part 2)

As I like to say, Live long and Prosper and may the force be with you always!

25 More things you probably didn’t know about me

Hello and Welcome to the Captain’s Blog!

Not too long ago I posted “25 Things you probably didn’t know about me” Now I bring you 25 more! (Part 1)

(Once again these are all out of order)

  1. My least favorite move is Snowboard Academy
  2. I enjoy music from the 60s and 70s
  3. The first song I ever added to a custom Spotify playlist was “In the belly of a whale” by the Newboys
  4. My favorite movie is the Avengers
  5. I prefer Android over iPhone
  6. My favorite video/computer game is Midtown Madness 2
  7. I once did a bit of Civil War reenacting
  8. The worst thing I have ever eaten is a snail
  9. The farthest south I have traveled is about Mid-Florida
  10. I can’t stand city driving
  11. My least favorite video game is Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  12. I can play drums Terribly well.
  13. I like to freestyle rap
  14. I prefer colder weather
  15. If there was any place I would like to travel, it would be London
  16. I have the ability to sort of use Photoshop
  17. I have worked in a Missions office for a year and a half
  18. I once rode on a Camel
  19. I enjoy puns
  20. I don’t really like coffee
  21. Currently I am a financial Assistant in my office
  22. I don’t like driving stick vehicles
  23. My favorite social media site is twitter
  24. I once accidentally turned off the water for a McDonald’s store and a few days later, the regional office
  25. My favorite Beverage is sweet tea

Believe it or not, there is a part 3 that will published later this week!

As I like to say, Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall!


25 Things you probably didn’t know about me

Hello and Welcome the Captain’s Blog!

As 2016 progresses, I’m trying to think of video ideas. Probably some of the past blogs will be produced into videos. I wouldn’t be surprised if this post will inspire one.

Nevertheless, “25 things you probably didn’t know about me” will be just be some useless facts to get to know me better.

Let’s jump right in! (All these things are out of order)

  1. I was born at home and lived in the same house before I moved out
  2. The farthest north I have ever traveled is Niagara Fall, On.
  3. I once did an internship for a Congressman
  4. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade up till the end of High School
  5. The farthest west I have ever been is Las Vegas, NV
  6. I like to consider myself as a southerner
  7. I am more of a country person
  8. I did four years of old fashioned grammar classes
  9. My favorite places to go in Downtown Richmond are the State Capitol or the James River
  10. I’ve had an interest in videography for a few years
  11. I once shook hands with Mitt Romney
  12. My favorite food is Steak
  13. My dream car is a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
  14. I like to wear jeans year round
  15. My favorite YouTube Channels are Pun Diddley, Blimey Cow and Julian Smith (honestly there are so many to choose from)
  16. My first YouTube Channel was called “garrettandgarrett”
  17. I enjoy game shows like the Price is Right, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune
  18. I worked a whole bunch of years doing irrigation work
  19. I once dressed up in an orange jumpsuit and helped carry a cross around Washington D.C
  20. I once passed out on the front steps of the US Capitol (
  21. I have gotten into a bit of Photography and would like to do more of it
  22. I once got accidentally high after taking the wrongs meds
  23. My favorite song is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  24. The first YouTube video I ever watched was “Evolution of Dance”
  25. I volunteered countless hours with the Republican party during the 2012 election

Honestly, there were so many that came to mind, thus I am gonna to release a sequel in the coming days.

I finished a project for one of my favorite channels, Pun Diddley.
It was certainly worth the months of work, but now I shall take an editing hiatus.

Thanks for reading today’s blog!

As I like to say, Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall!




Home away from home.

Hello and welcome to the Captain’s Blog!

Why do I always start out with, “I know I haven’t written a blog post in a while”…

Yes Folks, This still exists from my internship, thus I might get some use out it.

This evening, I weirdly had the urge to write a blog post which never happens. Maybe it’s because I’m switching gears the next few weeks.

Let me bring you up to speed on a few things

  1. I am still at Hillside Missions in Richmond doing finances
  2. I am not going to West Africa unfortunately due to lack of funds
  3. I have taken part-time work for the next few weeks

I am currently writing this from my parents house because my part-time job is doing irrigation work thanks to my dad.

Convenient? Well it’s not permanent work.

This is the season where we shut down irrigation systems.  The process is we blow air to clear the pipes from any water. My dad rented an extra air compressor thinking another guy would work for us, but due to other things, his employment did not work out. Nevertheless this gave me an opportunity to work for a few weeks.

I’m gonna add this work is a blessing to me. I was needing to look for work to pay my rent. I sort of procrastinated looking for part-time work around me. I actually worked the past few Saturdays at an irrigation job site surprisingly in walking distance from me.

Being a home isn’t exactly comfortable. I have to sleep on the couch and deal my crazy brother, but who said life was comfortable.

I would also like to thank the folks at Hillside for not being too unhappy at the last minute for the change of office scheduling.

God has provided for me the last year and a half and I know in his time he makes all things beautiful.

When God opens a door, you better walk through.

I would love monthly supporters to help me with rent, groceries,etc.

If you would like to support me, you can give with two ways:

  1. You can donate online

Go to
On the second page of PayPal, type in the box for “Chris McGowan”

add instructions

  1. You can mail a check.

The address is
Hillside Missions Organization.
8 East Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219

*Please do not put my name on the check, make it out to Hillside Missions. Instead place it on a separate piece of paper inside the envelope (this is done for tax purposes). Hillside Missions Organization is a 501(c)3 therefore all donations are tax-deductible.

Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall!

Hey, November is PCHanger month so go check out Luke’s videos!

Who knows…. I might make a day in the life of me video doing my irrigation work…



So… Plans have changed

Hello and Welcome the Captain’s Blog!
Let me bring you up to speed on a few things. First off, I have moved! I still live in RVA and work at Hillside Missions doing finances. I now have four new roommates. These guys are doing the internship program that I did last year. It’s been interesting living with these guys; nevertheless we have gotten along well.
It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. As you were very aware I was planning  a short-term trip to West Africa. Well I am afraid that is not going to happen.
The reason is because of lack of funding. You see, I couldn’t make it on the dates we planned for my externship. Because of this, team members were leaving the field and the people who saying on the field weren’t able to accommodate me.
I am not the happiest about the outcome, however I am trusting God.
I want to add for those reading who donated for my trip to West Africa; your money will not go to waste. It will be saved till another opportunity for an externship becomes available.
Where would I go, you ask? I don’t know. Hopefully in the next few days, my director and I can meet to talk about alternate places.
Finally, I am looking for supporters in two fields.  First, my office work. I work full time and I do not get paid. I need at least $400 a month. This pays for rent, food and stuff. I would love to have monthly supporters. My role in helping in finances is to process the support for team members on the field. It is not a hard job, but it can be tedious at times.
Second, my externship (to wherever at this point). I understand you would like a destination… but I don’t have one yet. I have to start the process of looking for one all over again which technically could take months.
I run on God’s time and He makes all things beautiful. Please pray for me as I work in the office and a door would be opened for my externship.

If you would like to support me, you can give with two ways:

  1. You can donate online

Go to
On the second page of PayPal, type in the box for “Chris McGowan”

  1. You can mail a check.

The address is
Hillside Missions
8 East Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219

*Please do not put my name on the check, make it out to Hillside Missions. Instead place it on a separate piece of paper inside the envelope (this is done for tax purposes). Hillside Missions Organization is a 501(c)3 therefore all donations are tax-deductible.

As I have always said since day 1 and probably continue saying, Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall!



I would love to have partners!

Hello and Welcome to the Captain’s Blog!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted something but I would like publish a copy of my support letter for my externship. I would love your partnership and prayer. God Bless, Chris

Dear Friend,

First, I would like to start this letter by saying what an amazing year I have had at Hillside Missions Organization. I have taken numerous courses on subjects such as church planting, world religions, discipleship, and much more. I have traveled to Tennessee, Massachusetts, New York City, plus multiple trips to Washington D.C. I have made quite a few friends, and gained interest in music such as Simon and Garfunkel and D.C Talk. One of the tasks I have had the pleasure in helping with is finances in the office. The highlight of my internship was drawing closer to God. God has blessed me with an awesome opportunity to learn the importance of missions and outreach towards unreached people groups.

I now have a new mission. I have a short-term externship to West Africa. Due to security reasons I can not specify which country. My externship will occur in October and last 6 weeks. While on my externship, I will be camping in the bush and surveying local nomadic people, helping with various projects in a school, and making videos for missionaries to send back to their home churches. This sounds so exciting (trust me, I am bouncing off the walls), but this cannot happen without your partnership.

My need is $4000. $2000 is for airline tickets and the rest is for various costs (food, translator etc.). Yes, that is a steep amount, of money but God is faithful. I have been very blessed over the last year living off of generous donations. If you would like to partner with me in this exciting journey, I encourage you to assist me in of the following two ways:

  1. You can donate online

Go to
On the second page of PayPal, type in the box for “Chris McGowan”

  1. You can mail a check.

The address is
Hillside Missions
8 East Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219

*Please do not put my name on the check, make it out to Hillside Missions. Instead place it on a separate piece of paper inside the envelope (this is done for tax purposes). Hillside Missions Organization is a 501(c)3 therefore all donations are tax-deductible.

I pray I can count on your support.

Christopher McGowan

And in that day you will say: “Praise the Lord, call upon His name; declare His deeds among the peoples, Make mention that His name is exalted.” Isaiah 12:4

P.S. On my trip I will also make a documentary of my travels, thus you can get a taste of my experiences.

Take a few minutes and read some of my earlier posts.

Also check out this traveling vlog I made last month. I wanted to meet a missionary friend of mine, but things didn’t go as planned.