Stuff I like and don’t like

Hello and welcome!

My director made of stuff that he likes and doesn’t like

I will make my own list.(I’ve wanted to do this for a while)

Stuff I like.

A Nice Juicy steak
Highway driving with good traffic
Cutting our grass
Making videos
Cold weather
Cook- Out
Chilling at the river
Music Mash-ups
Reviews of any sort
The Country
Amazing stories by folks
The South
60s and 70s music
Sheetz’s Boom Boom Sauce
The Original Star Wars Movie
The Avengers
Ernest P. Worrell
Civil War History
Music Interludes
The Right to Bear Arms
Local News
Driving My Dad’s Truck


Stuff I don’t like.

Tornado warnings over where you live
Hot and humid weather
Left turns
City Driving
A very bumpy road(there are a lot in Richmond)
Extreme Computer Virus’
Hearing or seeing me in pictures, videos, or audio
Interrogation room style meetings
Micheal Bay Anything
Dogs that bark a lot
Idiotic people
Loud vacuums
A dirty mouth
Covers of songs
Loud children
Magazines at the checkout
Snowboard Academy(Movie)
Public Speaking
Having no leg room in the backseat
New Music of Today

Did I forget anything?

Note: Star Trek is something I don’t like, yet I can’t turn away from it.

Navigating potholes is like navigating through an asteroid field sort of like from Star Wars.

What things do you like or not like?

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As I like to say, Live long and prosper and may the force be with yall!

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